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Due to the economy, many people find themselves working 2 jobs at a time in order to support themselves or even a family. When pets come into play, it can be easy to lose them in the shuffle. If you are looking to give your dog the attention that it needs, a daily dog walking service might be the best solution available! You want to ensure that your walker is going to live within your area. If you do not choose someone that lives closer then you may not be able to have daily service as needed. Dogs need to be walked at least once a day in order to stay in shape and live a lot longer. You should also look into a service or an independent dog walking professional. Services will have a team that will be able to come out to you and walk your dog on a set time each day. However, a single professional might be able to give your dog a lot more one-on-one care that you might be looking for. Take the time to sit down and interview a few services as well as private professionals. You should also bring your dog along so that you can get a firsthand look at how the dog interacts with a certain individual. Your dog needs to feel comfortable with a person in order for them to give them a walk. After you have narrowed it all down to a couple different options, take the time to work out your schedule. You can then submit that to you prospective walking services. Whoever has the right price and can work within your schedule should be the one that gets the job! Daily dog walking is important for every dog. If you are noticing that you are just too busy, take the time to sit down with a few people and see how they can help you. Before you know it, you will have a happier, more fulfilled dog!

Cat Sitting

Pet owners are always looking for excellent care givers for their beloved pets. Dog owners have it a bit easier, however. A dog is happy to go for a long walk, enjoy his dinner, and get a belly scritch while his owner is away for a day or so. Cats are very different, however, and there cat sitting has become its own specialty area. Cats aren't always the independent creatures many people believe they are. Cats who live in a loving, close home are used to being spoiled, not ignored. An experienced cat sitter knows this, and when hired for a particular job she is thoroughly aware that each kitty has special needs, which the owner will more than likely point out in a detailed list of Fluffy's likes and dislikes. A cat sitter needs to do more than show up twice a day to put down fresh food and water. A good owner will work with a sitter for a few days before the expected departure date in order to make certain that the cat(s) are comfortable around the new sitter, and to also show the sitter the preferred routine to follow. There are usually special toys that need to be brought out to play with, and there are even kitty treats to be handed out at certain times, in a certain way. She will also need to learn the cat's likes and dislikes when it comes to being picked up, petted, touched, or even moved. Unlike dogs, cats have no interest in pleasing you, so trying to remove the cat from the dining room table after she's been warned that's a 'no no' will result in a scratch or a nip ' something an experienced sitter will know in advance. A good sitter won't need much instruction. She will be able to provide everything your kitty needs for the length of time you'll be gone.

Exotic Pets

If having the usual pet isn't enough for you, then you can switch to exotic pets to try something different. Unfortunately, exotics require specific attention and if you are not prepared to give that to them, then its best you get yourself a dog. Exotics are often weird or wonderful pets that either don't come from the country that you live in, or they are simply not your regular pets that one would ordinarily have. Reptiles for an example are most definitely exotic, and even though some of them come from places where food is scarce, it's still important to feed them correctly to ensure that they are well looked after and are keeping healthy. Doing a bit of reading for homework before you get your new pet is always a good idea. By simply knowing what the ideal conditions are for your new pet is a good place to start. You don't want to walk into your room and find your snake has died because the temperature in the cage was too hot or too cold. Keeping your pets entertained when you are not there is extremely important for your more mobile pets. A ferret for example needs a lot of attention in the beginning in order to help it get used to your home. They are wild by nature, and can only be tamed through human interaction. Dietary requirements of your new pet are important and knowing exactly what to feed them is critical to their well being. You should ask the sales person at the pet shop to provide you with explicit details of how and when they eat so that they don't go hungry. Keeping all this important info in mind for your exotic pet is going to give you both a long and happy life together.


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